Providing ocean & air transport services to businesses and individuals alike through competitive pricing. We also cater to start up businesses and initial clients with no prior first hand experience in this field
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exress service

Our Express Delivery services include :
Business documents, apparel samples, manufactured prototypes, and accessories.
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Moving cargo service

Whenever & wherever you’re in need Contact Daesin Transport for your moving cargo needs.
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Daesin International Logistics was founded in 2015 and began operating since then solely on the basis of providing the best optimal transport services to our clients.
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Study abroad consulting

Studying in Korea is to one of the countries with extremely advanced applied science and technology, notably electronic systems, telecommunications and science and technology.
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Subjects of admission

Studying abroad in Korea is easy, but there are also regulations for those who are attending school or have completed degree certificates....
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Cost of studying abroad

For Vietnamese students studying in Korea, they have a good knowledge with low prices suitable for the dream of studying abroad of all backgrounds. I'm not studying abroad...
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Preparation documents

The company will advise and clarify the necessary degree documents to prepare for studying abroad. Information includes...
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about our

Through examining the history trends of the transport business, we have strived to rule out unnecessary flawed procedures to become innovative in our field. Diversifying our portfolio through following market trends have allowed us to be aware of the new demands of our clients

our thanks


Dear BORAM C&H Co., Ltd., Thank you for choosing us, to import your business items from Korea to Vietnam. Having BORAM C&H as our client, they supported us to alert others to know that Daesin International Logistics is reliable company in Vietnam.
Our client decided to trust and use our system and IMPORT-EXPORT BUSINESS between Korea and Vietnam.
Thank you for working with us, to export your business items to Korea from Vietnam. Other than Exporting services, also selecting us for CONTAINER TRUCKING services in Vietnam.
WELCRON helped us to improve and develop bigger in Vietnam. It is a great pleasure to work with WELCRON. Thank you.
OTTOGI selected us to work their business fluently in Vietnam. AIR CARGO is the main service that OTTOGI decided to work with us. After, OTTOGI had positive thoughts about Daesin International Logistics Vietnam, they also used our EXPRESS Service.
OTTOGI is one of major companies in Korea, as well as world widely. By choosing us to work with OTTOGI, we had chance to experience working with the major company in Vietnam, which made Daesin International Logistics to have higher level of awareness among citizens. Thank you.